Ballymena Causeway Credit Union and Antrim Credit Union members vote YES for merger agreement.

Most members will now be aware but for those who are not, we have some exciting new to share with our members and community.  Following the respective Annual General Meetings in December, a proposal for a Transfer of Engagements between Ballymena Causeway Credit Union and Antrim Credit Union was accepted by the Antrim and Ballymena Causeway memberships.

Together we can be better – for our members and our community.  As a result, the merger has the support of the Boards of both Credit Unions (comprised of Antrim and Ballymena Causeway members), as well as their respective CEO’s, management teams and staff.

All you have to do is download our Mobile App to take full advantage of joining as you go.


Member Benefits

Ballymena Causeway Credit Union and Antrim Credit Union are pursuing this Transfer of Engagements because we know that we can do more, together. This merger will give us the scale and financial capability to:

  • Deliver more benefits to our members faster, including more locations, enhanced digital offerings, products and services.
  • A combined Credit Union at 28,000 members strong and assets of over £70million will give us the scale to give back to our communities in even more impactful ways.
  • Ensure sustainability and viability of the Credit Union for future generations by becoming a larger and stronger Credit Union.

Members will also benefit from:

  • 2 x the branches and potential teller extended hours. Members will have access to four branches in Ballymena, Coleraine, Antrim and Randalstown.  That’s twice the number of locations to access face to face personal services.  No branches will be closed, and we are currently considering extending the opening times of the Randalstown office.
  • Enhanced Products and Services – we expect to be able to return more value to members in the form of better products and services, market leading lending rates and free services.
  • Improved digital banking – we will have the resources to continue investing in more technology, providing members with innovative digital offerings now and into the future.
  • More impact for your community – being part of the local community is one of the main areas of our Strategic Plan. We will continue building on our involvement in local groups and communities through our Sponsorship Programs and Community Fund.
  • The same knowledgeable, friendly, and caring employees – all staff across both Credit Unions are being retained. In fact, in a larger Credit Union, current employees will have more opportunities for development, training and progression within BCCU.

Please see below for our frequently asked questions regarding the Transfer of Engagement with Antrim CU.

Are both institutions financially strong?

Yes. Both Ballymena Causeway Credit Union and Antrim Credit Union are safe and strong.  Both have capital (rainy day fund) exceeding the amount required by our Regulators. We also both have a strong liquidity position and a balanced loan to deposit ratio. The new entity will operate under a high standard of governance and in line with all regulatory and legislative requirements.

Why is this Transfer of Engagement necessary?

The changing landscape of the Credit Union environment has led to opportunities for Credit Unions to seek strategic alliances and the Board of each Credit Union, were mindful of the needs of members for enhanced products and services now and in the future.

Credit Unions have been set up to provide the vital financial services to their local communities and that has not changed. In fact, the decision to proceed with a Transfer of Engagements is to ensure the long-term presence of a credit union in the Antrim and Randalstown areas, and to enhance the services provided to all members.

At what stage is the Transfer of Engagements process at?

We are working very hard behind the scenes to ensure that we are prepared for the official merger to complete.  This is planned for week commencing 25th March 2024. Members will be kept informed throughout this process.

Will the offices have to close for any period of time to complete the Transfer of Engagements?

Yes – all four offices will have to close for a very short period to merge the systems of Antrim Credit Union with Ballymena Causeway Credit Union.

Planned closure days are as follows:

  • Monday 25th March 2024 – Antrim and Randalstown offices will close at 2pm. Online services will be unavailable for both Antrim Credit Union and Ballymena Causeway Credit Union members from this date and time.
  • Tuesday 26th March 2024 – Ballymena, Coleraine, Antrim and Randalstown offices will close to allow for the merging of banking systems.
  • Wednesday 27th March 2024 – Ballymena and Coleraine offices will re-open and online services will be turned on. Antrim Credit Union offices will remain closed to merge all IT Systems.
  • Thursday 28th March 2024 – Antrim office will reopen for members.

When can I start using BCCU branches?

BCCU branches in Ballymena and Coleraine will be available for use by current Antrim Credit Union members from Thursday 28th March 2024.

Will the staff in the Antrim and Randalstown offices stay the same?

Yes, all of the familiar faces that you know in the Antrim and Randalstown offices will still be there together with some new additional staff.

I am a member in both Ballymena Causeway Credit Union and Antrim Credit Union – how will this impact me?

The impact on individuals who are members of both Credit unions will differ depending on individual circumstances. If this applies to you, please contact us on 028 2564 9010 or email us at and we will talk you through everything you need to know.

Has a name been chosen for the combined Credit Union?

Yes, the new entity will be known as BCCU.  We are working on a new logo which will combine and include each of our four locations namely Ballymena, Causeway, Antrim and Randalstown.  Current main signage on offices will not change for the foreseeable future.

I have been an Antrim Credit Union member for many years. What if I’m concerned about things changing?

We hear you and we want to affirm that the core values that you appreciate about being an Antrim Credit Union member will not change.  As the Board of Antrim Credit Union shared at your recent AGM, they did not take the decision to merge lightly, but felt that it would only bring positives for the members of Antrim Credit Union. BCCU have deep respect for Antrim Credit Union and its members, current and future, and we aim to make this transition for you as smoothly as possible.

Will I continue to get the same level of service?

Member service is at the core of everything we do.  Both Credit Unions are committed to providing exceptional member services and this will continue to be a focus for the combined entity.  The same staff members you enjoy working with now and have gotten to know over the years will still be here to serve you after the merger.  However, you will also be able to meet and work with new staff at different locations and on the phone.  They are all committed to providing you with a high standard of service and we are all looking forward to getting to know you all.

Will my member number change?

Yes, your member number will change as BCCU will use a new accounting system.  We have tried to keep this as simple as possible for Antrim Credit Union members.  To get your new member number, just add 200,000 onto your current member number.

Example: If your current member number is 8245 it will then become 208245.

Similarly, if your current member number is 123456, your new member number will be 323456.

How can I make payments?
  • Set up a direct debit from your bank account
  • In the office by cash, cheque or debit card
  • By phone
  • Via online services (BCCU website and App)
  • Bank transfer
How much can I withdraw and how?

BCCU have a daily cash withdrawal limit of £500.  For any cash withdrawals above £500 please contact us 2 days in advance to book what you require; for cash amounts over £5,000 a charge may be applied. The team will advise you of the amount of any charge at the time of booking.

Funds can also be electronically transferred to your bank account, or by cheque; there are no limits applicable to either of these methods.

Withdrawals can be made in any office, or via bank transfer using our online services.

Will I have to change my online banking / mobile app?

As an Antrim Credit Union member, the Antrim Credit Union website and current App will no longer exist.  If you are registered for online services already, you will automatically be able to use BCCU’s online facilities.  You can log into our website and BCCU App using your current PIN together with your new member number (as outlined above).  Just go to our new website and click on the Online Banking button on the homepage to login.  If you have not been registered for online services before, you can register from 28th March 2024 using the Register button on the homepage on our website.  You will be asked to complete details such as your name, member number, date of birth and mobile number.  Your mobile number will then be verified before a PIN is issued to you via text.  Alternatively, you can call into any of our offices or call us to request your PIN at any time.

What about new products and services?

Antrim Credit Union members will now be able to save up to a maximum of £20,000 in an adult account and £10,000 in a minor account.  (previously Antrim members could only save up to a maximum of £10,000 in an adult account and £5000 in a minor account)

Antrim Credit Union members can apply for all loans offerings available to Ballymena Causeway Credit Union.  Additional and more competitive loan rates include our 0% Oil Heating Loan and our Savers Loan currently offered at 5.9%.

BCCU will also offer a Foreign Exchange Service online and in all four locations.

Members can find out more about BCCU’s offerings at

How do I apply for a loan?

As soon as the Transfer of Engagements is complete (28th March 2024) you can apply for a loan by calling us on 028 2564 9010, via email on, via our website or using our BCCU App.

I have a current loan with Antrim Credit Union – what happens now?

Nothing will change and your loan repayments will stay the same.

I am behind on my loan repayments – who do I talk to?

Here at BCCU we understand that sometimes we all can face unexpected life changes.  If you have fallen behind on your loan repayments, please contact us by calling 028 2544 7072 or email us at and we can try to get you back on track, with payments that are affordable for you.

How much can I save and borrow?

BCCU’s maximum savings limit for adult accounts is now £20,000.

Junior savers can save up to a maximum of £10,000.

BCCU offers three different types of share accounts: Regular Shares, Easy Shares and Junior Savings Accounts

As a member of BCCU you can borrow up to a maximum of £35,000 above your savings. Applications for loans can be accepted from Thursday 28th March 2024. You can now apply for a loan using the BCCU App or online at or simply call our Credit Team on 028 2564 9010.  Decisions will normally be made within 48 hours or sooner depending on how busy we are at the time of application.

Are there any changes to my Death Benefit Insurance?

Yes –We are aware that Antrim Credit Union members who have opted into Death Benefit Insurance are currently insured for an amount of £2000.00.  We are pleased to advise that BCCU offers an increased Death Benefit Insurance to members of £2500.00 upon death to assist with the cost of funeral arrangements. This amount increases to £5000.00 where the death is a result of an accident.

BCCU deduct the premium for Death Benefit Insurance from members on a quarterly basis to help spread the cost.  Normally deductions are made on the closest working day to 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October.  Those members who have already opted into Death Benefit Insurance with Antrim Credit Union will automatically move onto the increased insurance offering.  If you have already opted into Death Benefit Insurance, please note that the first deduction of £4.30 from your share account will take place on 1st April 2024.  If you wish to opt in or out of Death Benefit Insurance, please contact us on 028 2564 9010.  We will be asking all Antrim Credit Union members to complete a new Death Benefit Insurance consent form when you next call into the office.

To qualify for death benefit insurance, you must be a Credit Union member, be in good health at time of opt-in, retain a minimum balance of £10 and must have joined the Credit Union before your 70th birthday.

Can I order foreign currency?

Yes, BCCU offer a foreign currency service.  Foreign currency can be ordered at the counter in any of our offices, over the telephone or via our website using the Fexco Click and Collect service.

How do I contact you?

You can contact us via telephone on 028 2564 9010 (Ballymena Office), 028 7035 7812 (Causeway Office), 028 9446 6859 (Antrim) or via email on